Security Feeds

With our new Security Feeds service, you can subscribe to get instant scoring of new smart contracts deployed on the following chains:

  • Ethereum Mainnet

  • Polygon Mainnet

  • BSC Mainnet

  • Arbitrum Mainnet

  • Avalanche C Mainnet

All you need to do to get started is provide a webhook address (HTTPS endpoint) and the CUBE3 Engine will send you scores for your subscribed feeds safely and securely in the following format:

{"address": "0xac2685161a983c9357df53766a6598a07ffd8cfd", "chain_id": 56, "score": {"compliance": 30, "fraud": 80, "cyber": 30}}

This is the same data format that our Inspector product, but now the CUBE3 Engine can alert you when any new contract is deployed and scored in our engine.

To get your security and operations teams started, please contact the CUBE3 team at or ourTelegram Channel.

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