An on-chain security product that stops threats before they happen.

The CUBE3 RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) product allows customers to easily integrate their smart contracts on a number of supported blockchains. Once configured RASP Pro can be used in conjunction with the real-time risk scoring of transactions and in case of security risk can revert a transaction.

  1. To get started please navigate to the RASP Pro link in Panorama and then click the button register contract address.

  1. In order to begin the RASP Pro registration process, you will need to specify a name for your contract, the address of your contract, and which chain your contract is deployed on.

  1. Once you have completed initial registration form, you will next be prompted to complete registration of your contract on-chain. You should follow the steps in our integration guide (Steps 1-7).

  1. In order to complete step 7 in the integration guide, you will need your contracts registration token. You should save your token securely in order to complete on-chain registration.

  1. Once you complete step 7 in the integration guide, you can check your RASP Pro status in Panorama to confirm your contract registration status has been completed.

  1. Finally you should enable function protection within your smart contract in step 8 to complete the integration. Each function once detected will show enabled within the status of the contract within Panorama and display the status of your contracts.

  1. Once configured any transactions that are sent from the dApp to the RASP Pro enabled smart contract will show Risk Scores in the transaction table. You can evaluate both status and enforcement of each transaction.

To get started integrating your project, please use the following integration guides:

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