Telegram Integration

To get started with integrating your alerts into Telegram, you will need to create a new Telegram bot and configure it for integration into a Telegram channel. You will want to follow the following steps to set this up:
  1. 1.
    Search for the “@Botfather” in Telegram
The Bot Father
  1. 2.
    Start a conversation with BotFather and type “/newbot”
New Bot
  1. 3.
    Enter the new bot’s name (this will be a display name)
Bot Name
  1. 4.
    Enter bot’s username (must end with “_bot”)
Bot Creation
  1. 5.
    Get the bot’s API Token and write this down. You will need this string to add the alert in Panorama:
API Token
Next log into the website for telegram ( to complete the next steps:
Telegram Web
  1. 6.
    Create a new channel where you will send your CUBE3 alerts:
Create a new channel
  1. 7.
    Select new group from the menu:
New Group
  1. 8.
    Type in the name of your bot from step #3, click the selection box next to the name, and then click the next button:
  1. 8.
    Name your group after adding your bot, optionally add a picture for your group, and then click the next button:
Name your group
  1. 9.
    Once your group has been created and your bot added, You will need the number at the end of the URL at the top of the page beginning which begins with a "-" in order to add this to the Alerts page in Panorama:
Group #
  1. 10.
    Next log back into and select the Alerts page on the left side menu, then Telegram from the Add Integration button:
Telegram Integration Add
  1. 11.
    You now need to enter the Telegram Bot API key from step #5 and the Chat ID from step #9 and then click the Add Integration button:
Add Integration
  1. 12.
    You can now click the test button to send a transaction to your group:
Send test transaction
  1. 13.
    You should now see a test transaction in your group in Telegram:
Test Transaction
  1. 14.
    Your Telegram alert is now live. Anytime you have a matching alert for transactions from your subscribed Alerts, you will receive an alert with a link to that transaction in Panorama. You can disable your Telegram alert anytime by clicking the disconnect button.
Disable Telegram Alert