Discord Integration

Having real-time alerts delivered to your Discord server is an easy way to alert yourself as well as others who are part of your community. Please follow this quick start guide to easily add alerts to discord.

Discord has a good primer on how to use webhooks on their platform:

Here are the steps to setup CUBE3 notifications to Discord:

  1. After you login you will want to create a dedicated channel to send CUBE3 notifications to your Discord server:

  1. Next you will want to select Text type channel, give your channel a name (we chose #cube3-notifications), choose if it should be a private channel or not, and finally click the Create Channel button:

  1. You will want to click on the settings icon under your newly created channel:

  1. Under your channel settings you will want to click on Integrations in the left menu and then select the button Create Webhook:

  1. Under Integrations > Webhooks you will want to click on the new webhook to edit the information (the auto-generated name maybe different from the one shown):

  1. You can now customize the icon and name used for the webhook when it publishes into your channel:

  1. Here is an example of an icon and webhook name that will show up when messages are displayed in our new channel:

  1. After your edits are all complete, you will want to click on and copy your new webhook address and save this to input into the Alerts page in Panorama. You can then click the X button in the corner to return to you channel main screen.

Example Discord webhook address:

  1. To configure your new webhook to receive alerts from CUBE3 Panorama, please log back into https://panorama.cube3.ai and then click on Alerts in the left hand menu. Next you will want to click on the Add Webhook button and select Discord from the menu:

  1. When presented with the Webhook URL, please copy into the dialog box the full URL we saved from Step #8. Then please click the Add webhook button:

  1. You will next want to test your new webhook by clicking the Test button and you will receive test message confirming a test message has been sent to Discord:

  1. You should now see a test message from CUBE3 Panorama in your channel:

  1. Your discord alert is now live. You can disable the discord integration at anytime by clicking the disable button.

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