Set up alerts to receive immediate notifications about potential security threats and compliance risks. With Alerts you can react swiftly to emerging concerns, ensuring that your web3 applications remain secure and compliant.

  1. To begin setup, select Alerts from the left navigation bar in Panorama. You will be presented with two type of alerts:

  • Monitor and Validation

  • RASP

  1. When setting up initial Monitor or Validation API you can choose to receive alerts for Safe (1-30 Risk Score), Warning (31-69 Risk Score), and Unsafe (70-100 Risk Score). We recommend selecting only Warning or Unsafe transactions as these will be the ones you would like to get alerts for when a transaction is not normal. Safe transactions can cause many alerts and in most cases are not needed for monitoring.

  1. Once you have a new alert based on your selection, in Panorama you will get a new alert notification.

  1. You can select the notification icon and it will show you all recent alerts. Each alert can be clicked in order to show the details of that transactions.

  1. Once clicked, you will filter to the specific transaction that cause the alert.

  1. Once you have setup RASP you can setup alerts for RASP transactions. We suggest only selecting Blocked transactions (70-100 Risk Score). If you select Passed transactions you may get many alerts.

  1. Once a RASP block transaction occurs, you will get an alert in notifications. You can click on the transaction to show the details on transaction screen.

  1. The RASP transactions will show both Status and Enforcement which will match to the alerts you previously setup.

Once you have selected what alerts you want, the next step is to setup a third party integration and get alerted by your favorite applications in real-time.

We currently support the following integrations:

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