Inspector enables users to do quick, one-off, manual investigations on blockchain transactions by inputting smart contracts and/or wallet addresses and receiving a risk score.

Getting started

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    After logging into the CUBE3 platform, navigate to the inspector link on the navigation bar.
Start Inspector
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    Next input your desired address (wallet or smart contract) into the Inspector bar and hit submit to request details from our CUBE3 Engine.
Inspect Addresss
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    Inspector will display the latest Machine Learned Risk score from our CUBE3 Engine.
Risk Score
Our Risk Score ranges from a 1 to 100 range:
  • 1 - 30 SAFE
  • 31 - 69 Warning
  • 70 - 100 Unsafe
We also have three categories which each have their own risk score and the highest score of these informs the final Risk Score.
  • Cyber: This category refers to the behavior of Externally Owned Addresses (EOAs) and smart contracts that are suspected of being exploited, have attempted to exploit, or have interacted with an exploit/hack that targets the technology layer (vulnerabilities in code, configurations, etc.). The system additionally evaluates probabilities of imminent attacks originating from an EOA or smart contract.
  • Fraud: This category score is designed to detect deceptive activities and misrepresentations that exploit human errors of trust, oversight, and misaligned expectations that can lead to token scams, Ponzi schemes, and other forms of financial fraud, such as fake NFTs or rug pulls.
  • Compliance: This category is designed to detect Externally Owned Addresses (EOAs) and smart contracts that may have been suspected as potentially noncompliant with laws in various jurisdictions (can be related to money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctioned addresses, etc.).

Using the Inspector API

While using the frontend for Inspector allows a user to easily lookup up addresses, there are some use cases where you need to look up a large amount of addresses or integrate Inspector into your own platform.
Here is an example syntax for executing an Inspector API call:
$ curl --location '<Address>' \
--header 'X-Api-Key: <Key>-inspector'
You will want to replace the following with your own information:
  • <Addresses> = The address you are looking up (wallet or smart contract address)
  • <ChainId> = (Optional) The chainId number for the chain you are looking up
  • <Key> = API key number which can be found in Risk API page found in Panorama
Here is an example response for the API call
Here you can download for postman to use while testing the API:
Each lookup using Inspector (either through Panorama or via API) uses 1 API request of the 1000 in the Free tier per month.