Monitor and RASP Transactions

The transactions page is your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform for seeing all transactions that are detected and then risk scored by the CUBE3 Engine with monitor or RASP.

You will have three different views in Transactions. The first view is all transactions and will show you a mix of both monitor and RASP transactions (if configured). Each transaction when detected will have the name of the monitor or your contract, a risk score, and status assigned to it. You can also click on RASP or Monitor tabs to view individual transactions for those products. A quick note that Monitor transactions are always indicated by an eye symbol on the right hand side of the transaction table.

You can click on each transaction and see the details of that transaction. In the details you will see the risk score, categories score, as well as the on-chain transaction which when clicked will take you to the block explorer for that transaction. You also get the CUBE3 transaction ID which is a unique identifier which can be used to filter and search again if needed to locate a specific transaction.

You can begin using transactions by configuring a Monitor or by configuring your dApp with the real-time detection by integrating our RASP.

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